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  • Donating students with contemporary knowledge, helping them enhance critical and creative thinking skills and providing them with specialized research facilities and equipment, investing in their personal and academic progress as individuals committed to Ataturk principles and Turkish reforms and respectful of entire humanity and human dignity.
  • Contributing to the success of Marmara University in the national and international arena with its qualified academic staff who embraces the future.


  • Boosting creative brain power through high-quality education in the field of liberal arts
  • Paving the way for effective service to society, industry and science
  • Attaining a privileged position among the leading research institutes of the world thanks to our advanced research techniques and applications 
  • Ensuring that students gain a universal point of view by means of educational, cultural and academic partnerships with international universities.



Given the numbers by the end of 2019-2020, 4734 undergraduate students are provided with education in the faculty’s 13 departments. Every year, nearly 850 new students are registered. Besides, the educational activities of the students registered in the Faculty of Education, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, Geography, Turkish Language and Literature education, are currently being carried out in the facilities of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

The academic staff of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is made up of 81 professors, 43 associate professors, 47 assistant professors, 6 lecturers, 48 research assistants, 1 specialists and 1 teaching assistant.

The faculty is an under-graduate school, and involves 4 years (8 terms) of study, during which a student is required to obtain 130 (for the students of applied sciences) and 140 (for the students of social sciences) credits the least. The language used in education in the departments of the faculty is Turkish except the Department of Sociology where all the lectures are delivered in English. As for Translation and Interpreting Departments, with three undergraduate programs in English, French or German, each program offers students a curriculum in its respective language. For the students enrolled in Chemistry or Physics departments English Preparatory School is compulsory and 30% of the courses are taught in English. For information package and courses:

Student exchange programs are available in most departments and it is administered by the International Office in accordance with the Erasmus Program for European universities and Farabi Programs within Turkey.

To elevate the level of academic quality and to provide a better service to its partners,
Faculty of Arts and Sciences pay attention to apply the criteria of Action Plan Guide for Harmonization with Public Internal Control Standards and Bologna Process, Life-Long Learning Program ( It offers a broad range of resources in order to educate human power who are qualified, cultivated and expert in their fields.

Erasmus Program: Many of the departments in our faculty have bilateral agreements with European Universities. Erasmus Student Mobility and Staff Mobility for Teaching Programs are actively in application and many of the selected students receive their education abroad for a semester or two semesters. To reach bilateral agreements made between European countries and our university: Email:

Double Major-Minor Programs: Some of our departments carry out double major and minor programs; thus our students get a chance to receive a second diploma or certificate. (ÇAD YD link eklenecek). Besides, students can attend double major and/or minor programs with the Departments of Environmental Health Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering of Engineering Faculty.

Internship Opportunities: Undergraduate students at Information and Record Management and Chemistry Departments are required to pursue internships as part of the Compulsory Internship Program. In this respect, intern students’ insurance expenses are covered by the Faculty. Our students benefit from internship vacancies in various institutions and organizations.

Social Activities: Our Faculty offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for students to enhance their social skills and gain first-hand experience in cultural and sports activities through active participation in campus events of Turkish Music Society, Turkish Folk Music Society, Student Clubs, and football, volleyball and basketball teams. “Science and Culture Days” traditionally organized by the Faculty Administration take place in the last week of October every year. Furthermore, the Faculty’s Conference Hall hosts seminars, conferences, panels, exhibitions, discussions, competitions, presentations, concerts and etc.


Faculty plays a leading role within scientific research activities of physical sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Statistic)  projects such as BAPKO (Marmara University Unit of Scientific Research Projects), TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), DPT (Turkey Ministry of Development), international publications and attributions. As for the Social Sciences, our faculty successfully performs its task of illuminating the public in the social and cultural fields by making use of media organs as well as scientific activities. It ensures a significant increase in public interest towards the social sciences. Within the year 2012, total number of international scientific papers authored by the faculty members is above 100, international citations exceed 500, and the number of projects is 53.


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