The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, in compliance with a printed governmental decree, was founded with the establishment of several departments, including Mathematics, History, Turkish Language and Literature, on July 20, 1982. Our faculty, on November 8, 1982, started offering education to its students admitted to the departments in a temporary building in Fındıkzade. The faculty was then moved to its present building in Göztepe, where the main campus of the university is situated. The Departments and their foundation dates are given below:

Departments Related to Scientific Fields       

Biology (1996)

Chemistry (1987)

Statistics (2009)

Mathematics (1982)

Physics (1993)

Departments in the Field of Social Sciences

Geography (2002)

German Language and Literature (1991)

History (1982)

History of Art (2005)

Information and Records Management (1988)

Sociology (2002)

Translation and Interpreting (English) (2008)

Translation and Interpreting (French) (2008)

Translation and Interpreting (German) (2008)

Turkish Language and Literature (1982)


 Hakkı Dursun Yıldız


Founder Dean Prof. Dr. Hakkı Dursun Yıldız

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